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We Believe knowledge is the key to change

Blue empire is a team of businessmen that brings together the experience of years in the personal and financial development sector, We know that knowledge is a determining factor in tipping the balance towards success.

We provide solutions to the economy of people by leveraging in providing education on financial markets to provide our community with a complete and adaptable range of services.


The Blue Empire

Committed to our ideals


To Provide education and tools in order to improve people's financial knowledge and thus generate a significant change in their economy.


Making a difference in the economy of people thanks to our education and training, thus creating a great community.


Integrity and transparency are the values that define Blue Empire. We are governed by a strong ethical conduct.

The Blue Empire

Enjoy the wide range of services we provide

Tailor-made services to fit your needs

  • Be Academy

    Learn step by step everything you need to manage your finance in the largest financial market.

  • Be Signals

    Receive in real time the market opportunities carefully selected by our experts.

  • Be live

    Connect to our live analysis sessions and learn hand in hand with us how to find market opportunities.

  • Be analysis

    Receive detailed analysis of current market situations.

  • Be Matrix

    Learn by following the results of our experts in real time.

  • Be Community

    Never learn alone, thanks to our active Blue Empire community.

The Blue Empire

Choose your perfect Plan

Choose your perfect Plan

Make the most of our services thanks to your complete virtual back office. We have succeeded in developing a simple and intuitive user experience.

  • Manage your business in real time
  • Access to our academies and services with a single click
  • Control your development

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We bring solutions to the people's economy by leveraging on the financial markets providing our community with a complete and adaptable range of services.